3 Things Rodents Look for in Your Home

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Rats or rodents invading homes are pretty common. If you notice that the bag of chips left on the counter have been chewed or any food droppings in your kitchen, you might have a rodent in your home.

Rodents cause a lot of problems and damage. They can chew on insulation wires, upholstered furniture, and anything you can think of. What’s more, they carry life-threatening diseases like leptospirosis, rat-bite fever, and Omsk hemorrhagic fever, to name a few. That’s why they should be removed from your home as soon as possible.

To prevent rodents from nesting in your home, you must first understand why they are attracted to your home. Here are the three things that rodents look for in a home:

Food Source

Small rodents or mice only need about three to four grams of food to survive the day. Considering the food you have available in your homes like crumbs, pet food, and chips, it is easy to know the reason why they love staying in our homes.

To prevent this, keep all your surfaces clean and put any leftovers in a tightly sealed container.

Rodents will also need a source of water to survive. Any source of water will work for them. Whether it’s from your pet’s bowl, a leaking faucet, or a creek.


When the temperatures begin to drop, rodents will often need to stay warm during the colder months. Your home is warm and safe from harsh elements. And this is the reason why rodents find any home attractive.

Aside from the controlled temperature to keep them warm, it is very easy for them to find a way in and out. They can easily squeeze themselves through small holes without being noticed by the homeowners.

Although we can’t control these factors, you can still prevent them by ensuring that your home doesn’t have any exposed cracks or pipes that will allow entry for rodents.

Poor Sanitation

Your home doesn’t have to be filthy or an utter mess for rodents to enter your home. Simple things are what matters like crumbs left on the counter or trash you haven’t disposed of. These can be attractive to any hungry rodent.

Your outdoor space is also not an exception. If you have nut or fruit trees, you need to keep them well-maintained. Rotten fruits on the ground can attract rodents. That’s why it is important to discard any fruit left on the ground.


As most exterminators will tell you, the best solution to rat infestation is prevention. Start by ensuring that your countertops are free from any crumbs or droppings. Check your homes for any holes, cracks, and broken pipes. You can also try to put rat poisons in small holes or corners of your home.

If none works, it is best to consult a professional. Here at Ballarat Pest Control, we offer services for pests control including rodents. We have proven methods for removal and prevention. If you want to get rid of rats and mice, contact us to learn more!

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