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Pests are everywhere – your room, the kids’ rooms, the living room, the garden, and even in your kitchen where you prepare food! Yikes. Cohabiting with pests like cockroaches, mice, termites, and other insects is gross and unsanitary. They pose a more serious threat to your and your family’s health. More than that, they can even cause severe structural damage to your homes!

There are different ways of solving pest problems in your homes. You can always opt for the DIY route in hopes that you can save some coin if you do exterminate them yourselves. Unfortunately, in most cases, it is just not enough. Getting rid of the nasty pests and bugs for good requires skilful steps and proper equipment. While your do-it-yourself solutions could provide temporary relief from pests in your homes, having professional pest control in Ballarat can make a difference. And that is getting rid of them for good!

Ballarat Pest Control is the best pest extermination service in the Ballarat with a reputation for satisfactory service and personalised solutions for every one of our clients. We dedicate ourselves to ensuring that your homes are free from nasty pests, keeping you and your family safe. 

An exterminator in white hazmat suit spraying pesticide on plants to get rid of pests
Ballarat Pest Control Pros are very efficient in what they do! I am very impressed with how knowledgeable they are. Very friendly team too!
Aabideen Shaq

Our solutions

Pest Control & Management

Ballarat Pest Control comprises a team of experts in pest control, intervention, and management. We design tailored intervention plans for our clients to ensure that we are addressing all their needs. Our team is equipped with the right tools, pesticides and chemicals to assure safe and effective pest management. We offer services such as Rodent Control, Cockroach Control, Termite Extermination, Bedbugs Treatment and many more!


How often do I need to treat pests?

Treating pests in your homes depends on what kind of pests are infesting within your areas. Different types of pests require different intervention strategies; thus, it is best to contact a professional to provide you with case-specific advice. 

How long do I have to stay out of the home after pest control?

Different chemicals and pesticides used to exterminate various types of pest. Depending on the chemical and pesticide use, it is advisable to stay out of your house for the entire extermination and drying process duration. 

How much does it cost for a pest elimination service in Ballarat?

Different factors play in determining how much it would cost you to eliminate pests in your homes. Some of these factors include the size of the infestation area and the pest type to be exterminated. Call us today so that we can provide a comprehensive quotation depending on your specific case.

How do I get rid of bedbugs infestation in my home?

Bedbugs are nasty. There are a lot of DIY methods to eliminate them. However, as proven repeatedly, these methods generally provide temporary relief. Always contact a professional bedbug control service in Ballarat to ensure that the pesky pests won’t go back to ruin your good night sleep ever again.

Can I save if I do my pest elimination on my own?

While it is tempting to get rid of pests in your house by yourself, it is not advisable. You are exposing your home to strong chemicals, which requires an expert. Additionally, extermination solutions are not long term solutions because they do not target the source. Ballarat Pest Control will follow all the necessary procedures to ensure that the pests will be gone for good. Call us today to find a way to help you with your budget.