3 Things Rodents Look for in Your Home

Rats or rodents invading homes are pretty common. If you notice that the bag of chips left on the counter have been chewed or any food droppings in your kitchen, you might have a rodent in your home. Rodents cause a lot of problems and damage. They can chew on insulation wires, upholstered furniture, and […]

Dispelling the Top 5 Pest Control Myths

Most probably, you have already heard lots of myths about getting rid of pests. Some myths are believable enough that most people still use them nowadays. But, you may notice that some methods do not really work. That’s why in this article, we will be dispelling the most common myths in scaring away pests. The […]

Which is Better: Pest Control or Exterminator?

When you’re faced with a situation wherein you want to get rid of the pests that are seemingly multiplying at such an uncontrollable rate, you really should look to professionals for help. However, when Google services, two kinds of professionals will come up: pest control and exterminator.  It may not seem like there’s such a […]

How to Get Rid of Mice?

rodent attempting to go out of the trap | Ballarat Pest Control Pro

Whenever people think of pests, they often think of insects, arachnids, and even worms, but rodents are one of the most deadly ones. Having rats around your house will risk your overall health and wellbeing because of their ability to carry many diseases like typhoid fever, Rat-bite Fever, and Leptospirosis.  However, how do you even […]

5 Essential Reasons Why You Need Regular Pest Inspections

A hand holding a phone that displays a cartoon of bed bugs being targeted in from of a bed

Did you know that once you see a single pest in your house, may that be a spider, cockroach, or rodent, there’s a high probability that there are even more of them living in your home? The problem with pests is that they multiply quickly: once you leave your place open for their entrance, there’s […]

7 Signs You Might Have Termites

Termites consume wood at such a gradual pace, so it’s usually really hard to detect their presence. This characteristic is why they are one of the most destructive pests in Australia. Once you notice that there’s damage, it would have already been too late for termite treatment. The most common species of termites in Australia […]

What Should I Expect From a Pest Control Visit?

man with mask using a fogging machine | Ballarat Pest Control Pro

If you’ve never tried to avail pest control services, then it might be a bit tricky to get an idea of what to expect. It’s not the same as the movies wherein people in terrifying suits just barge into your houseーno.  Pest control visits are meticulously planned and executed to ensure that the services offered […]