Dispelling the Top 5 Pest Control Myths

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Most probably, you have already heard lots of myths about getting rid of pests. Some myths are believable enough that most people still use them nowadays. But, you may notice that some methods do not really work. That’s why in this article, we will be dispelling the most common myths in scaring away pests.

The Best Bait for Mice is Cheese

In childhood cartoons and shows, they always use cheese to bait mice. However, this does not work because mice prefer foods that are high in protein or sugar such as chocolate, peanut butter, hazelnut spread, beef jerky, or bacon. You will have a successful entrapment if you used these foods, not cheese.

Home Pets Help in Preventing Pests

Most people think that having a dog or cat will prevent pests from invading their homes. For instance, even though your cat or dog can capture rodents, it does not mean that they are capable of removing all the rodents in your home. In addition, your pet’s food can even serve as bait to some pests.

As Long As Your Home Is Clean, You Won’t Have Pests

Keeping your home clean is not a guarantee that pests will not invade it. For instance, people think that bed bugs are caused by a dirty home environment. When in reality, bed bugs are actually attracted to the host, whether clean or not. Bed bugs exist anywhere and like to hide in small spaces. Take note that this does not apply to bed bugs alone. All types of pests will invade anything that gives them food and shelter.

You Don’t Need Pest Control

No pests in your home? Good for you! However, this doesn’t mean that you won’t need pest control services. Remember that not all pests can be seen or heard. Having a professional inspect your home is essential.

Another reason why some homeowners do not prefer to have pest control is they believe that the chemicals being used are harmful to humans. If the chemicals to be used are harmful, the pest control professionals will let you know before using them so you and your family can keep your distance.

Ultrasonic Sounds Will Scare Away Pests

Since most people think that the chemicals used in pest control are dangerous, so they settled in using the ultrasonic device to keep pests away from their homes. Ultrasonic devices are believed to be the more environmentally friendly option in preventing pests.

Based on research, ultrasonic devices work initially because some pests are sensitive to sound and strong sounds can irritate them. However, as weeks passed, the ultrasonic devices stop working completely. So, if you’re looking for a long-term solution to your pest problems, ultrasonic devices are not the answer.


If you really want a long-term solution to getting rid of pests, it’s best to consult a pest control professional rather than wasting time and money on home remedies that don’t work. If you’re tired of trying every method, it’s time to consult a professional. At Ballarat Pest Control, our team have years of experience in getting rid of pests. We will carefully inspect your home to make sure you’ll live in a pest-free home soon!

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