How to Get Rid of Mice?

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Whenever people think of pests, they often think of insects, arachnids, and even worms, but rodents are one of the most deadly ones. Having rats around your house will risk your overall health and wellbeing because of their ability to carry many diseases like typhoid fever, Rat-bite Fever, and Leptospirosis. 

However, how do you even know if there’s one in your house? They quickly move that it’s difficult to see one with your own eyes, so instead, you can check for chew marks on the packaging of your food. If they’re present, then there is most likely a rat infestation in your house. Here are some ways to eliminate and avoid that from happening.

Check around for possible entry points

Because of their size, it is harder for rats to come into your house than most pests. This task will be relatively easier to accomplish. All you need to do is check your doors, windows, pipes, and your overall house’s structure for holes and cracks. These are the most common entryways of rodents. Once you’ve found them, you can call carpentry services or fix the damage yourself. 

Stay clean

You can’t get rid of mice by staying clean, but being unsanitised will certainly attract them. Ensure that there is no food lying around uncovered and no crumbs left on the floor. To do that, regularly sweep or vacuum the floor since mice can easily access untouched food. They can live on a few grams of food per day, so even just a tiny bit of crumbs can encourage them to stay in your house. 

Prepare some bait

You can eliminate rodents by leaving out mouse traps in strategically planned areas of the house. Put whatever food you have on them since rats can eat anything, but keep in mind that they especially like dried fruit, chocolate, nuts, and cooked meat. It’s also best to put them 10-20 feet away from where your food is stored so that the rats will encounter them on their way, making it easy to trap them. 

There are also already existing bait packages that contain toxins. Just leave them out, and the rats will eventually chew on the packaging and consume them. When they do, they will most likely die almost immediately. 

Call pest control services

By hiring professionals to eliminate rats for you, you wouldn’t have to waste time checking all-around your house for entryways and chew marks. You wouldn’t even have to tediously wait for one of them to fall for your bait. 

With Ballarat Pest Control Services, you can instantly get rid of your homes after just one phone call. Our team of experts can easily do the job for you! They will visit your homes and conduct a pest control examination to gauge and plan for their extermination. 

Moreover, they can even give you personalised tips on avoiding these issues in the future, so if you’re looking to find pest control in Ballarat, Ballarat Pest Control Services is undoubtedly one of the best options for you.

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