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A rodent biting off an exposed wire

Rodent Control

We know that mice, rats, and other rodents have caused the worst plagues throughout history. Here in Ballarat Pest Control Pro, we offer Rodent Control without hassle and at a very affordable rate.

A colony of termites in their mound

Termite Extermination

The only words to describe termites are nasty and pesky. Get rid of them with our tested and proven methods. Call us today to book a schedule for our team to start doing our magic.

A dead cockroach beside a red fruit

Cockroach Control

Cockroaches are so vile that they are every households’ worst enemy. Say goodbye to them forever tanks to our highly trained and efficient team. Request for a quote to know how we can help you.

A hand holding a phone that displays a cartoon of bed bugs being targeted in from of a bed

Bedbug Treatment

Our sleep is our only refuge from the stressful day we just had. Protect your sleep with our completely safe and very efficient bedbug treatment methods. Call us today and sleep sound tonight!

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We would like to believe that our services are hinged on our genuine want to help our community. With this, we take every inquiry very seriously, and we provide services that can help you live your home lives to the best that it can. We live in a world where people are often too busy to help others, but we believe that each and every person deserves our assistance. We take pride in the fact that no matter what your needs may be or how big of an issue you have at hand-we are there for you even when it feels like nobody is listening! 

As a local business that has been servicing Ballarat for years, we strive to help our community with pest infested homes. We are committed to containing infestation within a household to transfer from one house to another. We believe that if every family is forthcoming with getting rid of pests and rodents from their home, our community will be healthier and cleaner.