What Should I Expect From a Pest Control Visit?

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If you’ve never tried to avail pest control services, then it might be a bit tricky to get an idea of what to expect. It’s not the same as the movies wherein people in terrifying suits just barge into your houseーno. 

Pest control visits are meticulously planned and executed to ensure that the services offered to you are top-notch. As one of the best companies for that, the Ballarat Pest Control Services created a list for you to grasp what’s coming if you would avail the pest control in Ballarat. 

Our team will inspect the entry point

The primary and easiest places for a pest to enter are, of course, the entry points: pipes, windows, doors, and basically, anywhere they can just crawl into. Our team will mainly focus on cracks or damage that allows their entry to occur, and as these holes may be a bit tricky to spot immediately, this step usually takes a longer time. 

Our team will check the moisture

Wetter areas attract pests more than dryer ones. For instance, subterranean termites are especially attracted to softer and moister wood, so our team of exterminators will check the moisture in and then around the circumference of your house.

They will use flashlights and moisture meters to examine the electrical current on the surface. This method can successfully gauge the extent of moisture on a surface indirectly since water is conductive.

Our team will report their findings

After the various types of inspection they will conduct, they will summarise all the data they gathered. Through that, they will create plans and services to offer you; they can’t just treat your home without your approval. If you agree to said plans, they can treat your home right away or in the future, depending on the availability.

What to expect after the treatment?

Increase in pest activity

Don’t be surprised when you see more pests (specifically Ants, Cockroaches, and Silverfish) in your home. Take it as a good sign that the products used were effective since it means that the pests are just being driven away from their hiding spots. Instead of them being there without your knowledge, the pests would look like they’re all over the place in the beginning since they’re urgently looking for a new place to stay inーprecisely because they can’t survive in there for any longer.

Decrease in pest activity

On the other hand, rodents will take a while longer to disappear from your home entirely. It usually takes up to a month, but you will notice that their presence will slowly decrease over time in that period. 

A follow-up treatment

Depending on how much you followed the recommendations and the pests’ sheer volume, a follow-up treatment may be needed. The team cannot get rid of all your pests instantly; it will take time, patience, and consistency. Just make sure to listen closely to what our team of experts suggest to avoid having to avail of another service of this sort. Regardless, expect great results form our visits: the eventual decrease in pest activities and presence.

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