Which is Better: Pest Control or Exterminator?

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When you’re faced with a situation wherein you want to get rid of the pests that are seemingly multiplying at such an uncontrollable rate, you really should look to professionals for help. However, when Google services, two kinds of professionals will come up: pest control and exterminator

It may not seem like there’s such a big difference between the two. These two professionals have the same goal after allーto rid your home of pestsーbut what makes them distinct is their respective methods. 

How do you choose between them? You would expect that only professionals in that field can fully grasp the differences, but there are only a few significant distinctions.


An exterminator’s job is in its titleーthey exterminate. It does not matter where or when the pests infested the home. They can eliminate (kill) your pests almost immediately using tools that are quite toxic to the body. The most commonly used one is a pesticide, so when you have an exterminator visit your home, make sure that you leave the doors and windows open for a while to let the toxins out before coming in. 

There’s also no assurance that new pests will not infest your homes afterwards since these professionals are usually not trained to understand the root cause. Exterminators generally  offer a quick short-term solution. 

Pest Control

Pest control, on the other hand, offers both services. They have a step-by-step procedure for pest control visits that includes examining your moisture and checking for entryways. After their investigation, they will discuss the plans with you and ask for your approval before treatment. 

Unlike exterminators, pest control professionals opt to use environmentally-safe tools as much as possible. As pesticides may be toxic for humans and even plants, they’re not safe to use regularly. These professionals take note of that and provide organic ways to alleviate your pest control issue entirely. No matter how long it takes, the goal of pest control is to irradicate the infestation completely. They strive to provide a long-term solution for your home.


Given the details mentioned above, it is fair to say that you should get help from a pest control professional when you’re looking for a way to get rid of the pest infestations in your house. They’ll give you long-term and permanent ways on how to alleviate the problem, so you usually wouldn’t even need to ask for future services anymore, given that you follow all their recommendations.

Pest control is the better way to address the issue, and our team at Ballarat Pest Control Services will ensure that you are living safely inside your homes. Our team of professionals are specifically trained to find the roots of your pest issues, so if you’re looking for pest control in Ballarat, contact us, and we will make sure to give you the best services possible!

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